Victorious Achievement: ‘My New Visa Has Been Granted!’

Hello, everyone! I am Joanne Garcia from the Philippines. I have lived in Ireland without documentation for almost 12 years. On January 31st, I applied for the Undocumented Scheme, and I am excited to share some wonderful news regarding my visa and work permit!

On April 1st, I received a favorable letter from the Department of Justice, granting me legal status in Ireland. This has brought immense happiness, and I have already arranged my travel plans to visit my son and my mother back home.

To those living undocumented and tuning in today, I want to emphasize that applying for this scheme is a secure process if you meet the specified criteria. You should have been living undocumented in Ireland for 4 years or 3 years if you have children. Even if you have a deportation order or any other ongoing application, you are still eligible to apply.

I understand the difficulties of living undocumented and the apprehension associated with emerging from the shadows. I want to reassure you that once you meet the criteria, it is indeed safe to apply.

Keep in mind that the scheme closes on July 31st of this year. Don’t let this life-changing opportunity pass you by!